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May 15, 2012

Catching Up On Tuesdays (PME Sugarpaste)

I’m finally back from Melbourne — a beautiful city with breath-taking architecture. I miss everything but the weather (Melbourne was freezing!), but I’m taking a while to adjust to Singapore’s awful heat. Anyway, its been a while since my last post! I’ve been so busy taking in last minute orders both before and after my trip since its the holidays 😉

I thought that I would do some catching up — on the pictures I haven’t had time to post up until now (holidays end in a week, bummer!) and the classes I’ve been attending to receive my diplomas.


Fabric Roses

I loved making these — so simple yet so beautiful. I wanted the flowers to look a little “shabby-chic” thus the pale pinks and greens. I also brushed on some petal dust to give the flowers some depth and glitter for some added oomph!


Crimped Cake Board

I also had the opportunity to use crimpers — I was pleasantly surprised at how a simple border could make a cake look so complete 🙂


The theme of this dummy cake was “Nursery”. I decided on a pastel blue and accented my rocking horse with strong colours so that it would stand out more. I was so happy to be able to practice painting! 😉


Handpainted Roses

These were not taught in the class, but I badly wanted to practice painting and I thought these would go so well with the theme of the cake!


Flower Plaque

I was told that this was additional — not included in the actual PME syllabus but the school I took my diploma taught it anyway. The plaque was first embossed with patchwork cutters than we filled them in with food colouring diluted with alcohol. I like flowers, a lot :/


Fruits Basket 

My favourites were the strawberries. I like making tiny stuff, adding little details to a cake.. some how I feel that these little details make the cake come together; like they make the cake somewhat more complete. We learnt to use a basketweave rolling pin as well as the technique of layering strips of fondant over each other to make the checkered “cloth” 😉


Figure Modeling — I call him Dell the (slightly over-grown) Duckling!

Perfect for a baby shower I’d say 😉


Figure-Modeling — This is Colin the (cross-eyed) Caterpillar (I love alliteration!)

My Final Cake!

I love/adore/am slightly some-what obsessed with anything Dr. Seuss. I love the wordplay, the nonsensical words and the hilarious Cat-In-The-Hat, so I jumped at the chance to do a Dr. Seuss themed cake.

A couple of weeks before my last week of class, some of my classmates and I went to watch The Lorax. I loved the bright, cheerful colours and the quote from the movie’s stayed with me ever since. And as much as I adore other Dr. Seuss characters, I realized that there just weren’t many Lorax-themed cakes. So I made one 😉

I do hope I did him some justice!



” Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s Not” — The Lorax


I couldn’t bear to leave the truffula trees out and I wanted to make some that looked as vibrant as the ones in the movie. We were a little pressed for time — I would have loved to have more truffula trees and more time to paint a beautiful scene.


My lovely instructor & us (looking terribly tired) with our cakes!


My Diploma!

I think that so far, of the two diplomas that I’ve taken — I’ve enjoyed this the most. I’ve always found fondant a lot easier to work with than Royal Icing… a lot less to clean up too! I’m looking forward to doing my final diploma in August — Sugarflowers here I come!


April 24, 2012

Catching up on Saturdays (PME Royal Icing)

Royal Icing and I were not friends — enemies in the kitchen, more likely.

I’ve always struggled to get the right consistency for piping, lamented on the icing that just wouldn’t dry, moan when it dried too fast (or maybe, I was just too slow..) and groan when nothing that came out of the piping bag looked anything near legible.

No, everything didn’t magically fall into place after finishing this diploma, it just made things a little easier having someone experienced explain why things go wrong, how to rectify the problems and of course, learning new techniques. Also, because this class had four other people (excluding the instructor), it was like having a little support group that shared the same interest… and frustrations with Royal Icing 😉


Royal Icing Run-Out Collar

One of the first things we made in the class. This was a pain-in-the-butt to remove from the parchment paper. We all held our breaths and slowly tugged at the parchment paper.. and well, it either comes out in pieces or if you’re very lucky, it’d come out in a single piece. None of us managed to do it without cracking the collar at least once 😦


Pressure-piping: Swan

I really had fun piping this! (Partly because it was easy and stress-free :P)



One of my not-so-favorite parts of the class. These were suspended and it was hard to get uniformity.



Fragile, fragile, fragile and delicate little pieces to pipe. Three out of eight of the pieces I made in class broke on the way home. 😦


My final cake!


All our cakes together 🙂


Hard-earned Diploma 😛

After this class, do I think that I’m any better? — Well, a little bit…  I’m still hopelessly impatient with piping flowers (that takes time you know!), but I’d like to think that I’ve mastered some kind of control over Royal Icing on the whole. (Really, after doing bridges and trellises, anything else is comparatively easier ;P)