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October 28, 2013

Candy Crush Cupcakes

October’s almost over which means there’s just about 6 weeks of school left before I graduate! πŸ™‚ Β I’m actually feeling a little nostalgic about leaving school – meeting new people, finding a job (thankfully, this is more or less settled for a bit!) and the thought of being a responsible adult..

Anyway, I think these cupcakes would probably look familiar to you if you’ve played the popular app game – Candy Crush! I was so pleased to receive this order from Gwen, an old secondary school classmate, mainly because it was good to catch up for a little bit + have a new design to play with! πŸ™‚ Thanks again Gwen!


March 27, 2013

Sesame Street Cupcakes


I grew up watching Sesame Street so you can imagine just how thrilled I was to be given the opportunity to create this set of cupcakes. Β To me, I’ve always felt that the most important thing about character cupcakes is retaining the essence of the characters and I hope that I was able to do these characters justice! Thank you Joyce for ordering! πŸ™‚