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December 16, 2012

Wedding Fever!

I love weddings.

Granted, they are not the easiest to cater for but they’re the orders that I get to have the most fun!

I spent a full day awake baking, wiring the flowers and decorating the cupcakes, then I delivered them to Fort Canning — lovely, cosy, little hotel, for a very intimate wedding 🙂






Congratulations Simon & Winnie! & Thanks again Belinda! 🙂


June 10, 2012

Brunch Date with Old Friends <3

The eight of us met two years ago — group leaders of sports camp during our poly days. Graduation’s here (for most) and we decided to meet up to grab a bite at Strictly Pancakes before we go our separate ways! I made us red velvet cupcakes (my personal favorite, heh)  for dessert, with toppers from scrap booking paper & foam stickers — a quick and simple solution when I’ve a busy week ahead!

The words on the toppers are the names of the groups we headed.. with the corresponding group colour.  Aiman + Amelie had other stuff to attend to, thus the toppers-with-no-cupcakes. 😦

From Top : KJ, Me, Shawn

Bottom: Ridhwan, Qiao Ling, Kenneth

photo credits to Qiao Ling

Awesome meeting up after two years and reminiscing about old times 🙂 Awfully busy schedules kept some of us from this meeting but I’m sure we’ll be able to have a get together with everyone soon! 🙂