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18 Comments to “How To Order”

  1. Hi! I would like to know if you are able to make rilakumma cupcakes?

  2. Enquiry/Order: Hi babe, i am really really interested in getting the hello kitty’s cupcakes for the 18th march because it’s my good friend’s birthday and she really loves hello kitty and i have heard how good your cupcakes are. Is it possible that i order them from you? :/

    Name Shervin Chew

    Contact No. 81860181

    Email address

    Details of enquiry / order

  3. Hi Cheri, am interested to get e angry birds cupcake for my boy. Being recommended by Marie Yeo. Appreciate your reply.

  4. Enquiry

    Name: Jenelle

    Contact No.: 98585186

    Email address:

    Details of enquiry: Hi, I’m interested to get these hello kitty’s cupcakes for my colleague’s farewell on the 23 May 2012. She is a super fan of Hello Kitty! May I know the charges / flavors or other details?

  5. I’m wondering if u’ve done any Barney design cupcakes/cakes. If you do, can u show me some pics? If u don’t, are u able to do it? N how much will it cost? Thanks!

  6. Hi, I’m Jialing! I would like to order the hello kitty cupcakes for my birthday, may I know the price and all the details? Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you! πŸ™‚ Contact no: 97897215. Email:

  7. hi, do u design cars2 /lighting mcqeen cupcakes or cake? how much do u charge? i need it on 1st of dec.pls reply asap.thks

  8. Hi
    Ive emailed you on one of your cakes. Im looking to make it into a 3 tiered wedding cake for my reception on 23 Nov 2013. Please email me back. I even attached the picture of the cake I liked in my email.

  9. Hi Cheri,
    I have emailed you on my request for some cupcakes! hope to hear from you soon!

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