Thoughts and some Updates

I haven’t decided if I’ll be keeping this blog and/or moving to another one – if I do, a few things are gonna be pulled off the site because the new company – which don’t get me wrong – is a representation of my work (my blood, sweat, tears, ok maybe no tears. A lot of fun and laughter actually haha) but its in a slightly different direction from Afternoons In The Kitchen.

Afternoons was always meant to be a platform for me to share my work – which was done from my humble little kitchen at home – now that we’re moving to a proper studio, I don’t have to share my workspace with my family (trust me, the number of times the mother has threatened to kick me out of the house for taking up every inch of table space… still love you xx) and of course, the goals and dreams of the company have evolved.

For one, I’m no longer running everything on my own – its a lot, Β to do everything because every little thing from designing to invoicing and baking to decorating takes up time, and it all adds up. And there are days where it feels like there aren’t enough hours to do everything. So its nice to have some else help out with the business, do the accounts, sort what has to be sorted, do the invoices and leave me with what I love to do and consequently, what I do best – create new flavors, experiment, bake, decorate & stay perfectly happy in the kitchen – technically its a win for everyone, right? πŸ™‚

Okay so enough about this – I’m still working on building the site up – it’d be up by the last week of March. We aim to open on the first week of April – date not confirmed yet – though in case you’re curious, click on this link below and you can check out what I’ve slogged and worked so hard for the last 6 months πŸ™‚ Click the “like” button while you’re at it – I’m very very sure you won’t be disappointed. πŸ™‚

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