The end of a good year.. and onwards to an even better one.

Somehow it doesn’t feel like 2014.

Maybe its because I had a very strange countdown-to-2014 experience — I was in Korea for Christmas and New Years’, we decided to “countdown the Korean way” which gave us three options – 1) pay an exorbitant amount to watch a K Pop concert, 2) go to Times Square or 3) go to City Hall and watch a bell ring..? To City Hall we went and we waited for 4 hours just to watch a bell “dong” and watch the crowd disperse. #Awkward.

I don’t particularly like to travel – I’m not a huge fan of being cooped up in a small, restrictive space (i.e. The Plane) and for some reason, I don’t quite like immigration counters.. But aside from that, I love exploring new, quirky (think indie scene.. or places no one wants to go) places on foot and learning how the locals live. Thats fun for me. But well, this trip made me miss home. I missed working through the festive season – baking cookies, cakes, fighting the humidity, annoying the mother, exchanging gifts and opening presents (!!!) Lesson learnt – Christmas is to be spent at home 🙂

2013 was a great year – I accomplished so much, way way way more than I thought I would.

Here’s a quick 15 seconds of all the cakes I did in 2013 😉

Milestones in 2013
– Unofficial graduation from College (!!!!)
– Made a ginormous cake!
– Started teaching classes!
– And worked on a new project 😉

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