Post-(unofficial) graduation & updates

So..  I just sat for my last paper in Uni on Friday!!!

Its kinda a funny feeling (considering I’ve been waiting for this moment for like, the past three years) to know that you’re done with school forever. Its been 15 years of being “in the system” and its goodbye to academic papers, nasty ( and occasionally, really awesome) lecturers, terrible canteen food, queueing to print notes at an inflated cost, bitching about everything and everyone, dressing like trash (unofficial dress-code’s t-shirt / shorts / slippers hahaha), waking up late (because y’know, some lectures only start at 330pm..) and of course, having fun in lectures with the best people ever.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been teaching cake decorating & baking classes at Cake Over Heels – a cake shop & studio at Midlink City (Sin Ming Ave) and here are some pictures of my students & their work! 🙂

Ombre Mermaid Cake Class 


My demo cake – I was going for a Belle (Beauty & The Beast) theme here 😉


Student’s Cakes! 🙂

Lemon Meringue Cupcakes + Chocolate Cupcakes Class 


I hope you ladies (and so far, my solo male student) had fun in class!!! 🙂 Truly was a great way to end my insane weekend (more on this another time)!

Cake updates to follow when I’ve had a little more sleep. 😛

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