Turning 22

You know how people talk about how turning 21’s such a big thing? And how you should throw that whole 21st birthday party, drive yourself crazy, spend an exorbitant amount of money on the cake/decorations/venue/food – and in the end really, how happy are you, the birthday girl?

Turning 22 was awesome. Spent with barely any deadlines to rush, the best company and so much good food!!!20131119-170505.jpg

I had the best Thai food at Steph’s place (courtesy of her very amazing mother!) – we’ve known each other for like, almost forever. Coincidentally, our birthdays are only a day apart so we’ve been exchanging gifts since we were like, seven?! I know its insane to still be friends with someone for 15 years right? I mean, we don’t talk constantly but when we do, its like there’s no time in between; we pick where we left off 🙂20131119-170350.jpg

Dinner date with the Baaaangkok gang at Au Chocolat – birthday cake for the baker — WIN! The people that made Uni life so much easier to bear ❤ We had a so much fun that night – thank you girls!20131119-170247.jpg

Lady M with The Sam Thumb – my spongebob-lovin’ seoul sistaaaa – we pigs got three cakes (again, YAY the baker doesn’t need to baker her own cakes!), chilling with drinks, SPAM fries & somewhat good music + the view was amazing ❤ ❤ ❤20131119-170527.jpg

Epic fail zouk date with bel bombx – we’ll try again! it wasn’t that bad of a night – we still got to catch up over beers / shots / whisky / boys hah! ❤



My SCAM girls – Serena, Cheri, Adeline, Mel! Not quite a birthday celebration – more of a birthday farewell cause Mel left a day after my birthday to see the world, starting from Argentina! Its nice how we’ve been keeping in contact with annoying voice messages + texts + instagram ❤ Don’t know when we’re gonna have our M back!


And finally, I had a brunch date with the parents – the people who constantly drive me crazy but i still love, all the same ❤

So many things going on in November & December – Cake updates soon, I promise!

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