Lester’s 21st Birthday

A month before the party, my aunt asked if I was free to make a cake for my cousin’s 21st birthday party. Β Since Les is still serving NS (National Service) and he’s been posted to the Navy, she thought of having a navy themed cake!

My cousin and I were born in the same year, months apart and much of my childhood was spent growing up in his house.

I recall boxes and boxes of board games — I learnt to play Monopoly, guess who?, Cluedo, battleship,Β throw a basketball, play WWF on playstation (I would complain endlessly on how I’d get trashed all the time..), learnt to ride a bike, kick a soccer ball…

Of course I had my fair share of fun when we played at my place *inserts evil smile*

The party was held at Keppel Club and the cake fed close to 80 people. I made extra mini cheesecakes just in case cause you can never have too much cake. Or dessert. πŸ™‚

Family Portrait. Sort of.

My dad stubbornly refused to get into the picture — I think he said something on the lines of the camera breaking if he was caught on film. Anyway..Β 

“Aiyoh, why make wish so long one??”Β 

Camera Man: Okay, can you pretend to blow the candles?Β 

I cracked up when I found this picture — I kinda meant for the figurine to look like a guy in Navy uniform.

I guess he doubt theΒ resemblance, hahaha.

As usual, I’m the happiest when the cake’s butchered πŸ˜‰

Me thinks Mr Navy Dude agrees πŸ˜‰


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