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July 27, 2012

A quick update!

Summer has been relentlessly unforgiving.

Okay, so it’s partially my fault for bumping up the workload in an attempt to graduate in under the next two years… so as not to get left behind and hopefully, start chasing my culinary dream sooner than later!

Some pictures to hopefully keep you coming back  — I promise more updates in a couple of weeks when Summer’s over okay?


Hydrangea Cupcakes


Another take on the much-loved Angry Birds. Thanks again Shelly! 🙂

I deviated a little from the original picture so the birds came out looking a little more over-fed than they should. Haha! I like them this way though — their cheeks look so pinch-able 😛



July 11, 2012

Lester’s 21st Birthday

A month before the party, my aunt asked if I was free to make a cake for my cousin’s 21st birthday party.  Since Les is still serving NS (National Service) and he’s been posted to the Navy, she thought of having a navy themed cake!

My cousin and I were born in the same year, months apart and much of my childhood was spent growing up in his house.

I recall boxes and boxes of board games — I learnt to play Monopoly, guess who?, Cluedo, battleship, throw a basketball, play WWF on playstation (I would complain endlessly on how I’d get trashed all the time..), learnt to ride a bike, kick a soccer ball…

Of course I had my fair share of fun when we played at my place *inserts evil smile*

The party was held at Keppel Club and the cake fed close to 80 people. I made extra mini cheesecakes just in case cause you can never have too much cake. Or dessert. 🙂

Family Portrait. Sort of.

My dad stubbornly refused to get into the picture — I think he said something on the lines of the camera breaking if he was caught on film. Anyway.. 

“Aiyoh, why make wish so long one??” 

Camera Man: Okay, can you pretend to blow the candles? 

I cracked up when I found this picture — I kinda meant for the figurine to look like a guy in Navy uniform.

I guess he doubt the resemblance, hahaha.

As usual, I’m the happiest when the cake’s butchered 😉

Me thinks Mr Navy Dude agrees 😉