Angry Birds yet again!

I can’t believe June’s here — too fast in my opinion because The Parent’s birthdays both fall in June and I haven’t thought of what cakes to make them yet!

Anyway, the angry bird craze hasn’t seem to have died down and while I lament on the tiring task of sculpting these little birds, I’m sure I’ll miss making them when the craze does die down! Made a two sets of cupcakes last month, for kid’s birthdays and presented them a little differently, backed on a fondant covered board… 😉

30 Cupcakes in total (half 3D figurine, half 2D icing image)

22 Cupcakes, (All 3D)


photo credits to Evelyn 

A happy customer sent me a picture of her daughter with the cupcakes!! Its times like these where I really really LOVE my job 🙂

I’ll definitely be updating again within the week so do check back soon! 😉

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