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June 15, 2012

Serena’s 21st Birthday

Good friends don’t turn Twenty-One everyday. And when that day comes, what better gift than a cake right?

I called Dibs on that 😉

Hand-drawn/painted signs directing to guests to Maplewood’s Function Room..

Yes, this year seems to be the year for Robots!

The ever-camera-ready Toh, smiling away while I heft the 4kg cake on the table.

6″ x 4″ Valrhona 40% Milk Chocolate

8″ x 4″ Valrhona 64% Dark Chocolate

The Happy Birthday Girl with all her presents and her CAKE!

You have no idea how scary it is to have a little kid standing next to you while you’re cutting the cake.

The conversation went something on the lines of..

“I want the flower!”… “I want another flower!!!”… “I want the cake with the flower!!!!”

Kids are scary. Period.

The Birthday Girl serving cake to the guests.

Photo credits to Blessedi Photography 

Sharing a slice of cake with the girls. Toh insisted on taking the part with the robot just because.

Our tired faces at the end of the night — mine from baking and decorating, hers from walking and climbing overhead bridges.

She complained about every step she took to get to the party’s venue! Lazy bum! 😉

Photo credits to Adeline Toh 

Happy 21st Serena! Thank you for letting me do your 21st birthday cake ❤

June 10, 2012

Brunch Date with Old Friends <3

The eight of us met two years ago — group leaders of sports camp during our poly days. Graduation’s here (for most) and we decided to meet up to grab a bite at Strictly Pancakes before we go our separate ways! I made us red velvet cupcakes (my personal favorite, heh)  for dessert, with toppers from scrap booking paper & foam stickers — a quick and simple solution when I’ve a busy week ahead!

The words on the toppers are the names of the groups we headed.. with the corresponding group colour.  Aiman + Amelie had other stuff to attend to, thus the toppers-with-no-cupcakes. 😦

From Top : KJ, Me, Shawn

Bottom: Ridhwan, Qiao Ling, Kenneth

photo credits to Qiao Ling

Awesome meeting up after two years and reminiscing about old times 🙂 Awfully busy schedules kept some of us from this meeting but I’m sure we’ll be able to have a get together with everyone soon! 🙂