Fashionista Cupcakes

Hello Summer, we meet again.

For the next twelve weeks, I will relish the almost-empty school corridors, fewer queues and cleaner toilets (because Buffalo students are the only ones who have a summer semester…) I will also try my best not to fall asleep in doubly – long lectures with extremely boring lecturers. And if I do fall asleep, I promise to dream of cake, and only cake.

So yes, school has began and the longest twelve weeks of the year starts now. 😦

On a much happier note, I made these cupcakes shortly before my break started — for my cousin who requested a pink-themed-fashion-bags set of cupcakes for her friend’s 50th. I also made another set of dragon themed cupcakes (which I smartly forgot to photograph but they’re in the picture below that my cousin provided!)

I had so much fun with these — been secretly dying to do something else aside from angry birds and hello kitty!

Miu Miu & Chanel 2.55

Birkin & Prada

The happy birthday girls!

photo credits to Belinda Koh

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