Familiar Faces I hope? ;)

I wasn’t bent on updating so soon — my kitchen smells of chocolate cake and there’s a pile of dishes in the sink waiting to be washed… But those can wait. I’m crossing fingers the mess disappears in the morning. 😉

Before I left for Melbourne, in between my exams and awful deadlines, I had requests for character cupcakes.

Thomas & Friends (Percy + James) 

These bright coloured faces were requested by a super-cute, super-adorable four year old, Chris. (And this, coming from a person who is terrified/ not the hugest fan of little people with grubby fingers says a lot. He really is damn cute.)  As a decorator/baker, I’m usually pretty behind-the-scenes. My cakes are usually given as gifts so I rarely get to see the reactions on the recipients’ faces… I was really surprised when he said (to his mother, after seeing the cupcakes) — ” Yes, that’s what I ordered “. Hahaha, totally made my day!


Experiment 626(Stitch) + Experiment 624 (Angel)

These on the other hand was requested from my classmate Cynthia! ❤ I was so excited to make them ’cause Stitch is one of my all-time favourite disney characters! 🙂


photo credits to Cynthia Bieber 😉 

Hello Kitty 

I’ve done these cupcakes before but no one (until now!) had requested for them in pink.  You have no idea how happy that made me — something different, yay! Now I’m itching to make some goth or nerd kitties. 😉


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