Catching Up On Tuesdays (PME Sugarpaste)

I’m finally back from Melbourne — a beautiful city with breath-taking architecture. I miss everything but the weather (Melbourne was freezing!), but I’m taking a while to adjust to Singapore’s awful heat. Anyway, its been a while since my last post! I’ve been so busy taking in last minute orders both before and after my trip since its the holidays 😉

I thought that I would do some catching up — on the pictures I haven’t had time to post up until now (holidays end in a week, bummer!) and the classes I’ve been attending to receive my diplomas.


Fabric Roses

I loved making these — so simple yet so beautiful. I wanted the flowers to look a little “shabby-chic” thus the pale pinks and greens. I also brushed on some petal dust to give the flowers some depth and glitter for some added oomph!


Crimped Cake Board

I also had the opportunity to use crimpers — I was pleasantly surprised at how a simple border could make a cake look so complete 🙂


The theme of this dummy cake was “Nursery”. I decided on a pastel blue and accented my rocking horse with strong colours so that it would stand out more. I was so happy to be able to practice painting! 😉


Handpainted Roses

These were not taught in the class, but I badly wanted to practice painting and I thought these would go so well with the theme of the cake!


Flower Plaque

I was told that this was additional — not included in the actual PME syllabus but the school I took my diploma taught it anyway. The plaque was first embossed with patchwork cutters than we filled them in with food colouring diluted with alcohol. I like flowers, a lot :/


Fruits Basket 

My favourites were the strawberries. I like making tiny stuff, adding little details to a cake.. some how I feel that these little details make the cake come together; like they make the cake somewhat more complete. We learnt to use a basketweave rolling pin as well as the technique of layering strips of fondant over each other to make the checkered “cloth” 😉


Figure Modeling — I call him Dell the (slightly over-grown) Duckling!

Perfect for a baby shower I’d say 😉


Figure-Modeling — This is Colin the (cross-eyed) Caterpillar (I love alliteration!)

My Final Cake!

I love/adore/am slightly some-what obsessed with anything Dr. Seuss. I love the wordplay, the nonsensical words and the hilarious Cat-In-The-Hat, so I jumped at the chance to do a Dr. Seuss themed cake.

A couple of weeks before my last week of class, some of my classmates and I went to watch The Lorax. I loved the bright, cheerful colours and the quote from the movie’s stayed with me ever since. And as much as I adore other Dr. Seuss characters, I realized that there just weren’t many Lorax-themed cakes. So I made one 😉

I do hope I did him some justice!



” Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s Not” — The Lorax


I couldn’t bear to leave the truffula trees out and I wanted to make some that looked as vibrant as the ones in the movie. We were a little pressed for time — I would have loved to have more truffula trees and more time to paint a beautiful scene.


My lovely instructor & us (looking terribly tired) with our cakes!


My Diploma!

I think that so far, of the two diplomas that I’ve taken — I’ve enjoyed this the most. I’ve always found fondant a lot easier to work with than Royal Icing… a lot less to clean up too! I’m looking forward to doing my final diploma in August — Sugarflowers here I come!


2 Comments to “Catching Up On Tuesdays (PME Sugarpaste)”

  1. Wow, all your crafts looked so lovely and congrats on completing the sugarpaste module too! =)

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