Old designs and old friends ;)

I’m in to week 10 of Spring 2012 now, which means in five weeks  I get a (short, but nonetheless) break till Summer 2012 starts. Can’t wait! Anyway, the weekends have been particularly hectic – last weekend I made cupcakes for a solemnization on Saturday and had another cupcake order on Sunday… I’m waiting for pictures from the official event photographer because I get nervous shooting with too many people around…  😦

These cakes below were made the week before last.. haven’t had time to post them up till now! 🙂


Chocolate Fudge 6″ x 4″ &  8″ x 4″ 

One of my cousins called and asked if I could replicate a cake that I made last December for his Boss’s birthday which was in four days time. A little stressed but I think I pulled it off? 🙂

My aunt who attended the celebration told me that the cake was only going to be cut at midnight — had a hard time concentrating on anything till then !

Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting 

Simple fondant pieces spelling out the recipient’s name with loads of glitter! Edible of course 😉 Requested by my poly friend who loved it so much, she’s ordering again next week! Thanks Edinna!! 🙂

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