Cakes, backdated updates

Gambling-themed cake

6″x2″ Chocolate Fudge

This cake was specially requested by my aunt, who wanted a cake with casino chips and poker cards for her husband who frequents the casino.

Do note that this size is not available on the menu as I prefer to make higher cakes (4″ height)

Lemon Meringue Cake

One of my close friends from my poly days wanted to purchase a cake from me for her last day of attachment.

She chose this flavor because I brought it over for our most recent gatherings, and she loved it!

Used my new blow-torch to get the edges of the meringue really brown
and toasted. Yum!




This is a pretty old cake – I forgot to take photos with my regular camera as it was a morning collection. (Can you tell I’m so not a morning person?) Anyway, it was an odd request, haha! My customer emailed me asking for a “pig’s head” cake.. I immediately thought of the kind that get’s hung outside people’s doors in television dramas. (And as much as that would be really gross, I think it would be really fun to make!)

I asked for a picture to clarify, and she got back to me with something that looks like the picture above. And requested martini glasses to go along with it. I felt that the glasses looked a little empty, so the brown stuff that you see inside and at the base is ganache. Added the flowers cause I thought it looked a little plain. I hope you liked it! 🙂

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