Possibly the most tiring week thus far …

In a nutshell, this week has been in-freaking-sane.

Aside from work – which I’m somewhat adjusting to now (repetition as it turns out, is a gift and not a curse… and well when some things are out of sight, there’re out of my mind as well. Somewhat.), my final exam for these six weeks… and two late nights catching up with old friends, I have to sort out orders due over the next two months. Hurray for the end of Summer I. Back to school on Monday for the start of Summer II. Sigh!

I did manage to squeeze in some time to bake this week though. Nothing fancy, just a slight modification on one of my favourite recipes.

Rainbow Sugar Cookies 

I brought these to work and they were surprisingly well received – my colleagues and friends were really fascinated by the bright colours. By the end of the day, there were only 2 left – kept for J- 🙂


And lastly.. I’m not very skilled with fondant modeling, so I hope I’ve done this character some justice! I received this order a couple of days before it was due and decided to take the order as a favor to my friend C-. It wasn’t too hard to model and I left it to set overnight before placing it on the cake. I’ve never transported a huge topper like this on top of a cake before but it survived the trip to work! 🙂

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