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April 30, 2011


They used to terrify me.

I’d never been particularly fond of these too sweet, tiny, almond confectioneries. They looked odd and fragile, yet so many people loved them. I have to admit, I only started to appreciate these little french “cookies” after I did some research…

Precision plays a major role in achieving the perfect macaron, which in definition is: a smooth top, well formed “feet” & a chewy texture when bitten into. Which means the oven temperature has to be exactly as stated on the recipe, egg whites have to be aged overnight and all other ingredients measured (and preferably set aside before macaron making begins!)

I do think I’ve finally conquered them though, after having baked six batches of Macarons in one night for the Singapore Biennale flea! If anyone’s interested, J- & I will be at the Singapore Biennale Marketplace at Old Kallang Airport on 2nd May selling Macarons, Rice Krispie Treats, Cupcakes & Cookies. Please do come down and support us! 🙂